Inflatable sun lounger (lamzac) is needed by everyone. Those who like active or passive rest, because in any case want to relax, and on which to rest as not on inflatable furniture, which fits in your pocket and always with you?

Characteristics of Lamzac’s inflatable sun loungers:

– Made of waterproof high-strength fabric
– Rigid neck for better air retention

– Withstands low and high temperatures
– Removable outer case

– Withstands weight up to 200 kg. It is used as a full-fledged place for one person and as a sofa for several people. By keeping the air up to 2 hours, depending on the weight
– Dimensions in the inflated condition length 2m. Width 1.4 m. Height 60-70 cm in the folded state 16 * 35 cm.
– Weight 1.1 kg.

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